2009 – the International Year of Astronomy – became a significant year for schoolchildren of Kazakhstan. National scientific, educational and recreational center Bobek, with the support of the First Lady of Kazakhstan Sara Alpysovna Nazarbayeva, opened a unique children’s observatory.

The observatory has a large automated telescope Halfmann, Planetarium ZKR-4 in the Star Hall, and modern equipment in computer and multimedia classrooms. Every day schoolchildren come to the Observatory to study the mysteries of the universe and to monitor space objects. Studying the laws of nature, watching the sun and the planets, schoolchildren discuss the issues that concern all the humanity and think of their future. Through the knowledge of the universe children learn more about themselves, their place in the world and their responsibility for peace on Earth. They begin to deeply realize interconnection of all things in the universe.

The Observatory became a center of studying the mysteries of the universe, observing near and far space for talented children from all over the Republic. The main goal of the Observatory in work with gifted children is to increase the interest of pupils of secondary schools in astronomy, physics, space robotics and space exploration, to promote work of elective courses, clubs, sections, scientific societies on astronomy, to teach to apply the knowledge of space and space technologies in practice, to find talented pupils, to prepare them for international contests, to assist them in choosing their profession. During seven years of participation in the International Astronomy Olympiad, students of the Republic of Kazakhstan won 122 degrees of different categories. Of these, 95 received diplomas in the last four years.

The success of the Observatory is noted internationally. Bobek was awarded the Diploma of the International Astronomical Union in gratitude and recognition, as well as for enormous contribution to the success of the 2009 International Year of Astronomy in the Republic of Kazakhstan. All this became possible due to the support of the government of our country.