Self-Cognition: Man and Universe

“The child bears the boundless energy of the spirit.

His microcosm is the whole cosmos in miniature …

Moral and cultural perfection has no limits. Education

and training should contribute to this process “

Sh.A. Amonashvili

One of the most important tasks of education is to develop cosmic consciousness in the child, that is, his self-perception as an inseparable part of the universe. Therefore, moral and spiritual education and study of the universe are inextricably linked. The study of the universe and  self-cognition is the basis of moral and spiritual integration and astronomical education, and all the activities pursued by the Observatory are, in fact, the contribution to the moral and spiritual education of schoolchildren.

Integration of moral, spiritual and astronomical education. Astronomical education is divided into two areas: Aerospace (early professional orientation in training of future specialists for aerospace industry) and formation of the system of knowledge about space (cognition of the universe as the main factor of the entire system of human knowledge and philosophy). Astronomical education includes the study of fundamental science of astronomy, as well as new areas such as astrobiology, astrochemistry, rocket and space technology and space robotics.

Every year, during the Republican specialized school, with high school students we organize the “round table” on the theme: “Problems of Artificial Intelligence. Solution of ethical challenges of robotics through a program of moral and spiritual education. Self-Cognition,” where the current problems of coexistence of humans and robots, including ethical problems are discussed. The round table also focuses on the science serving to society based on universal values of humanity.

Within the framework of the State program of the development of education and science in Kazakhstan for 2016-2019, in order to update the content of education for STEAM-education and robotics, the Observatory could become a modern multi-profile Republican (international) training center for space education of schoolchildren and provide the following activities:

  • Retraining and advanced training of specialists in the field of astronomy and space technology;
  • Development of appropriate educational, methodical and organizational support;
  • Smart laboratory practical works in robotics for schoolchildren;
  • Online courses for schoolchildren and teachers of physics and astronomy in the framework of the implementation of the STEAM-education in the institutions of secondary education.