Profile school for preparation to astronomical and astrophysical Olympiad and Olympiad in school science subjects


On the basis of the Observatory of NNPOOС “Bobek”, from 12 to 26 June 2016 the Republican specialized school for preparation to astronomical, astrophysical competitions and Olympiads in school science subjects (hereinafter – School Profile) was held.

Winners of the Republican Olympiad in Astronomy and Space Physics were invited to training in special school held in April 2016 in the framework of T.Omarov Republican scientific competitions of school children in Astronomy and Space Physics, the specialized school was also attended the heads of teams – teachers of physics and astronomy, for the purposes of professional development (only 30 teachers).

The main purpose of the profile school was to form the final teams of participants in the International Astronomy Olympiad (MAO), the International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics (MOAA), the Asia-Pacific Astronomy Olympiad (ATAO), the competition of scientific school works “Junior”, the International Competition of scientific and technical school works “Start in science” and the international children’s camp  “Technodrome”.

School participants made daytime and evening observations of the Sun and other interesting objects of the sky in small telescopes of the Observatory. In the Planetarium participants of the profile school studied constellations and the basics of spherical astronomy. The students spent their free time with great benefit. They had training and took part in the interesting excursion program: a tour around Almaty, and they also visited the museum of the “Golden Man” in Issyk and climbed to Turgen waterfalls.

At the closing ceremony of the special school, all participants were awarded certificates on its successful completion.